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Week 2 – The sit

Hi, everybody!

So, the sit… I really like it, I like just shutting everything off and have some real peace and quiet.

But I have one problem, I keep falling a sleep… So sitting stil becomes sitting still for a little while, and the almost falling over before sitting still again… 

And the same problem with shutting all thoughts out… You know, as I fall a sleep, the watchman at the gates fall a sleep too… I’ts so hard, but I just keep doing my best, there’s really nothing else you can do…

I hope all of you out there are enjoying your experiences as well!

Keep developing.

Abra-Kadabra Kim-Salabim

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Week 1 – Here we go again…



Once again, third time around… This time I really know what to expect, I feel I’m really prepared, and I have decided to finally finish strong as well!

I know that there’re some heavy months coming up, but I’m really looking forward to taking it all on…

One thing that I believe will really help me along the way this year is my friend Borys! He has joined the MKMMA with us this year and it is going to be so great having «a partner in crime» here in Oslo, Norway!

So, stay tuned for the rest of this journey, it’s going to be great!!

Let’s start growing,

Best regards,

 Abra-Kadabra Kim-Salabim

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Week 19 – My last day…

Hi everybody!

I really love this month’s Greatest Salesman… “I will live this day as if it is my last…”

It’s not only great when it comes to business, but for me, it really speaks to me when it comes to my family! Days and weeks go by, and when I think of it, there could be so many more moments to cherish, rather than just letting the days go by…

You know, having kids there are so many times you just want to tear all your hair of your head and scream and shout as loud as you can… Those little ones really knows how to push the right (wrong) buttons… 😉

Of course all the other things we’ve learned in the MKMMA has made ore patient and more able and willing o look at and focus on the good stuff, but reminding myself to live this days as if it is my last really gives me that extra push to cherish as many moments as possible!

“Henceforth I know that to court idleness is to steal food, clothing, and warmth from those I love. I am not a thief. I am a man of love and today is my last chance to prove my love and my greatness.”

This paragraph really struck me, deep and hard… Both when it comes to my family, and also my friends, but also business wise… Procrastination is one of my best friends, and he stops by all the time, but thinking of that every time i postpone something or choose something that the person I intend to be wouldn’t do, thinking of that what I’m really doing is to steal from my family, the ones I love the most… That’s truly powerful and are helping me so much these days!

So, thank you all for being part of this Mastermind and I’m so grateful to be a part of it!

Keep giving.

Abra-Kadabra Kim-Salabim

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Week 17&18 – Comfort Zone + Procrastination = Disaster

Hi everyone!

So, I know that the headline is with an negative undertone, and when I was going to start this post I was going to write about exactly what the headline says… How I feel that my comfort zone in combination with procrastination really is challenging me… Not only now but for a long time…

But then, it struck me what we’re learning in the MKMMA, and this is something that actually has stuck with me… What we think about and focus on grows, and what we don’t think about and forget disappears, without exceptions!

So, while writing this I’m actually ignoring everything I had planned to write in this post, and are just riding my mind at this moment… I’m so glad that I’ve learned so much in the MKMMA, and still are learning a lot. And I know that the first and most important step is to discover and be aware of what you’re actually doing… Of course, the job has only just started, but you can’t start anything if you’re not aware of what you’re supposed to do…

So I actually choose to celebrate that I’ve come this far and that I have a clear roadmap to follow! It’s only up to me to get out of my comfort zone and quit procrastinating!

Let’s stop stopping, and start starting!

Thanks for sharing!

Abra-Kadabra Kim-Salabim

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Week 16 – Kindness

So, the Kindness Week…

Wow, I really love focusing on kindness! Being kind and seeing kind everywhere is such a great feeling! I really think a lot more people should be focusing a lot more on kindness!

Not only do you get to make others feel good, but you feel so good yourself!

It was nice doing things for others because of the focus we’re having in the MKMMA this week, but what was really great was noticing the good things being done for others just because I wanted to do them! Like for example, when I shoveled snow from my neighbors driveway it wasn’t because of the kindness week, I’d thought about it long before, because I knew that it would make things so much easier for them when they were going to move in. It’s just great to give to others when you have the possibility to!

I wish all the weeks were kindness-weeks! :)

But, of course, looking at my makeover sheet I can see som virtues that I’m really looking forward to be observing as well! So, this is just the beginning, and I think I’m going to keep my eyes open for some kindness a long side all the other virtues! :)

See you soon,

Abra-Kadabra Kim-Salabim

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Week 15 – Hello again…

Hello everyone!

I’ve been gone a couple of weeks… I’m sorry…

As I wrote in my last post, a storm came and it almost knocked me over, and I wasn’t strong enough to resist my old blueprint… And then Christmas came, and I got to use all the excuses in the world to not get back on my feet for a while… But it didn’t feel really good, deep down inside it didn’t feel great at all!

I’m not going to talk about all the should haves and could haves in this post. I’m just going to say that I’m back on track, working towards my bliss! «I will persist and develop my skills as the mariner develops his, by learning to ride out the wrath of each storm.» 

A short one today, but a happy one!

Thank you!

Abra-Kadabra Kim-Salabim

PS: My comments are not working at the moment, sorry for that, but I’m looking into it!

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Week 10&11 – Phew!

Hi you all!

So, last time I wrote I wrote about how scary it was to notice how little it could take to fall out of tracks… Little did I know of which challenges was waiting for me, just around the corner…

Last Thursday, my upline, my mentor, my “partner in crime», my close friend told me he was quitting, he was changing companies… He had spoken to this other network marketing company, and he had already decided long before speaking to me or any other of his close partners… It came as a huge surprise to me…

Recently we’d been speaking a lot about how we were building our dreams, how bright the future was and how much fun we were having together…

In two seconds everything was grey… The clear, bright future suddenly was full of uncertainty… I had to choose, shall I follow him or should a stay without him? How many of our team was loyal to him and would also quit? How many would stay if I stayed?

It felt like my head was going to explode! The next couple of days felt like forever, and I wasn’t present anywhere I went…

Finally I found out that I had to make a decision if I wanted to place my bet on my mentor and leave, or stay and go all-in on myself…

I chose to go for it, I went all-in placing all my chips on myself, and it feels GREAT! I have to step up, take charge and take care of the team that chooses to stay! I’m really looking forward to this next level of challenge!

So, for the last week and a half I’ve been out of harmony, I haven’t done anything in regard to the MKMMA… But after taking the choice mentioned above I feel better than ever, and I’m so ready to take charge and go like never before!

Keep growing!



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Week 9 – Scary…


The last week I’ve been a little sick, and there’s been so many things going on around me… And then it was tough getting everything done on time and all the time…

The scary part that I discovered right now is how easy it is to fall out of track… How easy it is to get obstructed at first, and then when you’re already a little bit off, it’s so short to being totally off…

Also, I can see that I continuously create stimuli for myself that triggers the emotions and peptides that my body long for… The wonderful feeling of procrastination and self pity… And when I look back on my life, I can see that those effects have been around for a while! They were really strong when i was around 14 years of age, and I had quite a tough time. But I worked through it all by my self, and I managed to get on top of those feelings! As the years went by things went well in my life, both mentally and physically…

I was the best junior gymnast in Norway, I met my wife when I was 18, which also was the year I got a bronze medal in the jr European Championships in gymnastics, quit being a gymnast and started my new career as a football player. I got my first child at 22, I became a professional football player at 24, got my second child at 25 and loving my wife like ever before… Of course there’d been some bumps in the road along the road, I nearly quit playing football a couple of times of various reasons, both my father and stepfather died just a couple of years apart, the relationship with my girlfriend wasn’t a dance on roses every single day, but all in all it was all good!

And then there was a shift in 2009, I was 27, and my professional career took a drastic turn… A couple of bad choices sent me straight into a downward spiral! It wasn’t a clear drop, because there were some good times after this as well, but looking back, that was when it started…

Gradually I started the descent, at first I kind of lost my competitive edge, things didn’t really matter as much, I was contended right were I was at the moment… And of course, looking back it’s easy to see that when you don’t push yourself for improvement, you actually push yourself for aggravation.

In 2013 I quit my career as a player, and after a while doing nothing I was introduced to network marketing… I know now that at the time my body was on it’s way into a dangerous addiction, an addiction to peptides longing for feelings of self pity… But this new challenge triggered some old feeling inside me and I went out in an all out attack, and everyone who’s got some tactical knowledge knows that that’s rarely a great idea… I got knocked down, again and again… And my addiction to self pity and procrastination really grew from there…

The time up until now has been a true fertilizer for those feelings, but it has also, in some way made me stronger… but being stronger in my mind comes with both negativity and positivity…

The native is that it is harder to change something strong, but the positive is that when it really does change, the effect is huge!

So to finish up, I was scared when I discovered how easy it was to get of the tracks, and I can really feel how my body wants to procrastinate and feel sorry for itself, but I’m aware, I discover it and i’m working on it!

If you’re strong you have to work even harder to get even stronger!

Keep growing!



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Week 7&8 – Mental Diet

Hello to everyone out there!

So, we started on a diet last week… A mental diet… 7 days straight without negativity…

In the beginning it felt quite good, not so hard, and really possible to complete… A couple of times during the day I had to start over, but it wasn’t any big issues or anything, and I had surprisingly few negative thoughts… What I experienced was that when I didn’t have that many negative thoughts, I kinda forgot the assignment, and when the thoughts appeared, they came fast and I had to start over…

And as the days went by, it really didn’t and still isn’t any easier… Most of the day, there are no negative thoughts, but I notice some, and I restrict them from being expressed in any way… But every day, there are some thoughts and reactions that just takes me bu surprise… And what happens!? I have to start over… I haven’t had one whole day without any negativity yet… But there’s not that many negative thoughts, but those that comes sometimes are so instinktive and sudden that I don’t have any defense against them…

I just hope that I learn from each experience, and that I’m getting closer to recognizing the situasjons so that I can prepare my defense!

Experiencing, learning, practicing, getting better, improving!

Keep growing!

Abra-Kadabra Kim-Salabim

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Week 6 – Bedtime…

Hi, everyone…
 So for this week I am wondering how you all do it at the end of the day… Og says that the last thing to do at night is to read the scroll out loud… But there are so many things challenging that.
 First of all there’s the DMP and service card readings, it’s the guy in the glass reading… I think I’ve heard Mark say that we are to read the DMP last thing at night, but I really don’t know… The way I do it now is that I read the cards and DMP first, then the guy in the glass… And when I lay down in my bed I read the Greatest Salesman… Maybe it doesn’t really matter in such detail, but I notice that I wonder a little bit.
 But, there’s another challenge that really puzzles me… I’m not alone in my bed, and the bed is a place where my wife and I often talk about the day, how it’s been, what about tomorrow, about the kids, about anything and everything basically… Most of the time we speak about all of these things and when we’re done I read GS out loud before I kiss her good night! Sometimes though, she wasn’t really done talking after all, and another topic comes up after I’ve read GS…
 (There might even be other things happening after the read, but I won’t go into any more details on that here and now…)
 I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or if it messes up the subby so that it doesn’t get to work on the right things during the night?
 I could really use your input on this one!
 Thank you all!
 Abra-Kadabra Kim-Salabim
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